Above the Imagination: Retrospective of Carlo Mollino

Above the Imagination: Retrospective of Carlo Mollino



NUOVO is pleased to present “Above the imagination: A Retrospective of Carlo Mollino”, a retrospective exhibition of Carlo Mollino (1905-1973), one of mid-century Italy’s most remarkable cultural figures. The exhibition offers an insight of the polymath’s widespread interests and showcases seven masterpieces of his reproduction from the Italian heritage brand Zanotta.

Carlo Mollino, a versatile personality from Turin born on May 6, 1905, is remembered as an established architect, engineer, designer, downhill skier, race-car driver, stunt pilot and photographer. His thrill-seeking approach to life, architecture, and design made him one of the most innovative and entirely original artists of the 20th Century. He adopted an experimental and complex design style, incorporating both abstract and surrealist elements at the same time.





Carlo Mollino's design ethos was centred around animal-inspired forms and anatomical silhouettes whose curves created arabesques and sinuous lines reminiscent of ski tracks and the trails left by acrobatic planes in the sky. In the 1940s and ’50s, Mollino eschewed the contemporary design center of Milan, choosing instead to make his singular furniture from his hometown of Turin. During this period, he crafted surrealistic pieces for private commissions, most of which were too technically complex to produce widely.

Now, following the discovery of a trove of technical documents - sketches, letters, and texts of astounding detail - in private archives at the University of Turin, Italian furniture brand Zanotta has significantly contributed to re-discover Carlo Mollino’s works and using those documents

to produce a new edition of his most iconic designs, all featuring alterations both in materials and method of construction.

The exhibition highlights a selection of the recently released pieces designed by Carlo Mollino between the ’30s and ’50s. Seven selected tribute pieces, illustrating Carlo Mollino’s artistic and technical daring and his entirely unique aesthetic. Carlo Mollino pursued aesthetic appeal in all aspects of his life, his work drew on a varied raft of experiences that are still up-to-date and appreciated to this day. The exhibition showcases NUOVO’s attention to complex craftsmanship and creative innovation, paying tribute to the master designer Carlo Mollino.

All showcase pieces are available for sale. Pricing information upon request.


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