The first attempt at providing comfort while sleeping were beds and mattresses: in ancient times it was barely more than a pile of flora meant to cushion against a hard surface.
Around 1000 BCE, wealthy Romans began using raised metal beds that held feather or straw-stuffed mattresses. From the 5th century onward, mattresses did not change much. Bed frames, however, became more elaborate, and were often carved from wood. Feather beds were introduced By the 14th century. In the mid-18th century, mattresses were filled with coconut fibres, cotton, wool, or horse hair. After a luxurious 17th century beds were simpler, with metal bed frames gaining popularity. The bed that we know today start getting it’s “posture” in the 19th century, with standard head- and footboard sizes shrinking. The biggest advance was metal bed springs supporting a mattress instead of ropes or wool straps, lending more stability and support to the sleeper.

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