Chaise Lounge

The chaise longue has in recent decades become more popularly known. It refers to any long (allow you to put your feet up) upholstered chair on which you can recline.
The earliest historical examples of the origins of the chaise longue, dating back to around 3000BC. The frame used to be constructed in wood and feature an ivory or ebony veneer: these items of furniture were most likely made from palm sticks and wicker.
The modern chaise longue that we are now more commonly accustomed to was first popularised during the 16th century in France. During the 1800s, the chaise longue developed more feminine connotations as a decadent throne for women to rest during the day without having to go to their bedroom. It was during the French Rococo period that the chaise longue became a symbol of social status and were ornately crafted from only the rarest and most expensive of materials.

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