003. Fendi Casa | Reborn

003. Fendi Casa | Reborn


Located on the bustling Wong Nai Chung Road in Happy Valley, Nuovo id (@nuovo.id) boasts more than 30 years of experience in providing European and American high-end furniture to its tasteful Hong Kong audience, and has also distributed the incomparable Italian furniture brand Fendi Casa for many years. Managed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the third generation of the family, Fendi Casa has continued its elegant style under her wing in the latest season, she has even recruited a group of superstar designers to usher in a new impact on furniture aesthetics.

Nuovo id CEO Pak Man stated that Fendi Casa's brand-new aesthetic received a stunning reception at the revitalized Milan Design Week. Riding on the high, Nuovo id decided to fully devote itself to the designs of Fendi Casa by turning more than 4,000 square feet of its Happy Valley store into a bona fide Fendi Casa showroom, so more design and fashion lovers can experience the new concepts by this premium brand.

Fashion Furniture Design(FF Design)


When it comes to luxury fashion brand crossing over with furniture, Fendi is definitely one of the pioneers. Back in 1987, Anna Fendi started the interior design department Fendi Casa, and last year, along with Design Holding, the world's largest high-end furniture design group, they officially formed a new company aptly named Fashion Furniture Design (FF Design). The daughter of Anna Fendi and current creative director - Silvia Venturini Fendi - has a vision: to form a global creative army with a group of designers with synchronized tastes, and to better utilize their perspective and expertise through additional cross-brand collaborations and technology to create more unexpected creative treasures.

And this global creative army is a list of who’s who in the current furniture design industry:

Swiss architectural group Atelier Oïuses their interdisciplinary approach to create avant-garde and experimental furniture; Italian architect Cristina Celestino, who is adored by major labels, is good at combining the profound Italian cultural connotation with current fashion trends with her unique feminine delicate touch; as well as Italian design group Dimorestudio, who are always capable in delivering unexpected and impeccable works, making the group the darling of the design industry and media in the past few years.

These design masters bring endless surprises to the audience, they infuse the elegant patterns from the 1970s to the design. Furthermore, you can even find footprints of Fendi handbag elements in the sofa. Although it carries the name of the fashion brand, Fendi Casa has successfully transformed into a brand-new high-end furniture brand.

Nuovo id invites all design and fashion lovers to experience the innovative power from the Fendi Casa in the world of furniture.



Fendi Casa 2022 Collection



1. Earring Coffee Table

Designer: Cristina Celestino




Cristina Celestino, one of the most successful architects and designers of her generation, began her career in 2005, after graduating in Architecture from IUAV in Venice. In 2013 she opened her own studio in Milan, where she now designs exclusive projects, ranging from residential to hospitality, from creative direction to product design. Her work is known for its interdisciplinary approach, infusing craftsmanship, art and design with freedom of expression. Her first project for Fendi Casa dates back to 2016, as part of Design Miami/.

Earring Coffee Table is a diminutive design gem by Cristina Celestino and a celebration of femininity and Fendi’s hallmark timeless elegance. Comprising a circular marble top and steel base in brushed gold steel, Earring is a fascinating contrast of materials that combine to create a sophisticated yet visually light aesthetic. Available in two different heights and top sizes and a selection of finishes and types of marble.



2. Marrakesh Coffee Table

Designer: Toan Nguyen




Toan Nguyen graduated from the ENSCI in Paris in 1995 and founded his own studio in Milan later in 2009. He believes that design is a discipline that is intrinsically connected to the object, in the traditional sense of the term, where the physical interaction with the individual is paramount. Toans approach is focused on the practical nature of design and on streamlining production processes. He designed the Fendi Marrakesh Coffee Table.

A sophisticated simplicity of form is the hallmark of the Marrakesh side table. Contoured profiles are showcased by an upholstered structure to create unexpected geometric forms that fill the space with effortless elegance.



 3. Sandia Sofa

Designer: Toan Nguyen





Toan Nguyen, the Italian designer from Milan that also designed Marrakesh Coffee Table, has been working with Fendi Casa for a decade. He says that his own commitment is unchanged: he likes to experiment, create furniture “whose value derives from the quality of the materials, and above all from the excellence of Italian craftsmanship”. Toans collections for Fendi Casa are resolutely contemporary, free of nostalgia, designed to stand the test of time.

Sandia Sofa is one of Toans masterpieces. With its ample dimensions, fluid organic forms and vast assortment of different modules, the Sandia collection offers a flexible and stylish decor solution. The sofa is an inviting combination of delightfully soft padded seats and cushions designed to create moments of pure relaxation. Available in a choice of fabric or leather upholstery for exceptional comfort, this is a sophisticated, contemporary addition to the living room environment.



4. Fun Armchair

Designer: Atelier Oï





Atelier OïStudio was established in 1991 in La Neuveville, Switzerland, out of the professional and emotional bond between the architects and designers Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond. For over 30 years, Atelier Oïhas been committed to promoting experimentation and cultural exchange through a transdisciplinary and holistic approach. The three founders share a strong interest in nature: their projects range from architecture to interior design, from product design to set design, with highly crafted solutions having a strong emotional impact. Alelier Oïare now collaborating with Fendi Casa. 

The renowned Fendi artisanal heritage is expressed to perfection in this playful series of ultra-comfortable padded armchairs and sofas inspired by the iconic Peekaboo bag. Designed by Atelier Oï, each piece features fabric or leather upholstery with side slits offering glimpses of the padding for an original series of soft forms. The different pieces combine in a myriad of ways to create inviting compositions that can be arranged to suit the space and your mood.



5. Roma Daybed

Designer: Dimorestudio




Dimorestudio's projects can be identified by the perfectly balanced mix of design, architecture, art and fashion, past and present, colors and textures. A concept that has brought them global success, conceived by the two founders - Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci - since the opening of the studio in 2003, in Milan. Dimorestudio is located in a historic building in Milan's Brera district, where designers create their residential, retail and hospitality projects, as well as furnishings, textiles and lighting produced under the Dimoremilano brand. 

The collaboration with Fendi began in 2014 at Design Miami/ and has continued One of them was the Fendi Suite: the second floor of Palazzo Fendi has been transformed into a luxurious private and exclusive space to welcome and host Fendi’s top clients, celebrities and friends of the House. Designed by Dimorestudio, the Palazzo Privé features a highly curated mix of hi-design vintage furniture, collectible contemporary design and art pieces, as well as a selection of new designs that Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran conceived for the Roman Lounge. with a series of retail projects in the Maison's boutiques.

And now, Dimorestudio revisits the Roma daybed. The asymmetric design of the distinctive rounded edges, together with a padded seat and cushions makes for a delightfully soft and inviting chaise longue. Curved geometric forms and brass details take inspiration from the 70s, recreating the understated luxury associated with that decade’s design.



6. Parsifal Sofa

Designer: Thierry Lemaire




Thierry Lemaire was studying architecture. He specializes in interior design, designing projects all over the world - from London to Marrakech, from Kuwait City to Gstaad - making a name for himself with his sophisticated and timeless style that is also a part of the strong tradition of French decorative arts.

Thierry’s furniture is unique pieces and it’s made in collaboration with experienced artisans and exhibited in the Paris gallery that has his name. He designed several rooms in the Elysé e Palace, including the President's office, for Mobilier National (French government furniture agency). And also, Thierry Lemaire designed the Parsifal sofa.

With its sculptural, inviting form and two- or three-seater versatility, the Parsifal sofa is destined to become an irresistible magnet in anyone's home as the place to live, socialize or simply relax. The balanced proportions and rigorous geometry of the padded structure combine with oversize armrests in Pequin fabric to create a bold, eye-catching effect. The padding is designed to deliver exceptional comfort.



7. Metropolis Small Coffee Table

Designer: Atelier Oï



“inspiration from nature and the transformation of materials are part of our DNA and it plays a key role in the way we work”. The material is the cornerstone of the Atelier Oïdevelopment process: for Fendi they have chosen authentic, high-quality raw materials such as marble, leather, metal, wood, glass and fabric. Their goal is to continue to express and shape the legacy of Fendi by applying craftsmanship to transpose the values of the Maison into a variety of new objects. Atelier Oï, the design studio from Switzerland, and its talented designers Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond saying that the

Arches of solids and void alternate with pleasing regularity in the legs of the Metropolis coffee table, made entirely in steel in a choice of elegant finishes. The visually light top in colored glass combines to create an almost sculptural effect in this innovative piece by Atelier Oï.