Whispered Luxury

Whispered Luxury

Sharing a similar vision of seeking breakthroughs, innovation and achieving a rich life experience are core concepts that NUOVO coincides with Italian furniture brand Meridiani. It was befitting for the occasion of NUOVO’s new showroom in Central, that the timeless contemporary brand Meridiani was debuted in store. The brand’s regional export manager, Cristian Lapolla, presented Meridiani’s niche in the market and the reason for their existence. He explains, “We like to think of ourselves as tailors in the furniture industry - we offer so many material options, colourways and custom configurations that many other brands are reluctant to do. We offer a bespoke service and focus on the customer experience. Everything in our collection pairs beautifully and we are always focused on creating an ambience. We are also 100% Italian designed and made.”

Together with Pak Man Lee, CEO of NUOVO, they unveiled some stunning pieces - the Rene and Timothy sofa, the Teresina chair and Elliot cabinet - which graced the store elegantly with artwork from Kiang Malingue Gallery and lighting from OZONE for an elevated aesthetic highlighting Meridiani’s motto, “Whispered Luxury”. In this distinct interior setting, guests were completely immersed, following the contours of the beautiful furnishings, enjoying the live deejay tunes and exploring new possibilities brought forth by NUOVO.

Watch this space as NUOVO’s Central showroom will keep bringing forth the best in exhibitions and experiences: Shop G03, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central


Experience Timeless Classic Charm with Armani/Casa

A unique display creates a path from the hidden garden - accessed from the 17th century porticoed courtyard - through the frescoed rooms, unveiling the new designs one after the other, including the TERENCE armchair and sofa, TIMOTHY sun lounger, THOMAS dining table, TURNER and TERRY side table and the THELMA folding armchair in wood with carved decorations. The surface, in stark contrast to the rounded lines, and the base and cushions are covered in Armani/Casa jacquard fabric in bright solid colours, inspired by the palm motif of the collection. Arriving at the first floor, one can embrace the panoramic view of the wicker works with curved lines. Also admire the PRETTY chaise lounge sofa for the balcony, the SHARON armchair and sofa, the MELROSE and TED table, the NELSON dining table and the RIESLING wine cabinet, showcasing timeless classic charm. In addition, accessories such as TARA jade sandalwood and incense plate, TALE Tarot cards, and TOOL measuring tape can also be used as hanging ornaments that add a zest of colour to life. Contact NUOVO to find out more about the new Armani/Casa series.

The Art of Building Living Spaces

““Let’s make something they’ll remember.”


Ferraro Crosti, Wife of Meridiani’s Founder Renato Crosti


Paris Highlights:
NUOVO’s Picks from the City of Light

Constantly on the hunt to bring the best of design to Hong Kong and Asia, NUOVO’s Chief Executive Officer Pak Man Lee (Pac) did a quick jaunt to Paris last month in addition to Milan to discover even more exquisite brands and designs - these include MODELEC, Ozone Light, Pierre Yovanovitch, Lison de Caunes, Pierre Augustin Rose, Mathieu Lehanneur, Stéphane Parmentier, etc. Communicating closely with these creators in person, he translates their vision in his new showroom in Hong Kong. Watch this space as we bring more exhibitions, curations and brands to NUOVO.