Classic Intervention

Classic Intervention

Design classics that can transcend time and place not only reflect aesthetic wisdom drawn from history, but also highlight the creator's empathetic skill. From Poltronova’s Ultrafragola, Lison de Caunes who inherited a nearly lost craftsmanship to Zanotta and Frigerio who constantly break the norms, every designer, every brand and design masterpiece is also a testimony to timeless aesthetics. Visit us at NUOVO's new showroom in Central to appreciate these works filled with story and soul to start your own unique dialogue with design.

Bring More Possibilities To Life

“We aim to develop the company into an international stage, by carrying a modern and elegant collection beautifully integrating form and function, for a contemporary lifestyle”

Gianfranco Frigerio, CEO and Creative Director of Frigerio



Evolving an Immortal Classic

Writing decades of glorious history since its establishment in 1954, Italian industrial brand Zanotta continues to break new ground. Under the guidance of founder, Aurelio Zanotta, the most ordinary of items - be it a chair, a set of sofas, a dining table or ordinary daily necessities - are endowed with an avant garde and playful spirit, breaking the conventional modes of furniture design. Highlights include Superstudio’s designs, as well as new creations such as Bol, Daisy, Sciangai 50, etc, as well as Zanotta's reinvention of Carlo Mollino classics. After interpreting the creative vision of this genius creator, Zanotta constructed a replica series to pay tribute to Mollino, bringing forward Arabesco, Ardea, Fenis and more. Previously, NUOVO held a retrospective exhibition featuring Carlo Mollino, showcasing seven designs that reshape the classics. Visit our new showroom in Central to experience Zanotta 's aesthetic wisdom for yourself.


Inheriting a Treasure: The Art of Straw Marquetry

Lison de Caunes has inherited a legacy with straw marquetry after inheriting her grandfather, Andre Groult’s tradition. After studying at Union centrale des Arts décoratifs in Paris, she then started working with straw marquetry in the 1970’s and quickly became a specialist, after spending years restoring antiques and Art Deco furniture. Today, she dedicates her craft to creating made to order furniture, wall panels or objects for interior designers and decorators as well as international restaurants and luxury brand showrooms. A case in point is the Cartier showroom in Paris, where Caune’s straw marquetry graces the space at 13 rue de la Paix, with gold hues and bright patterns from the 1920’s. Just a few months ago, NUOVO’s Pak Man Lee met Lison de Caunes in Paris to appreciate the unique charms of her straw marquetry inlay up close. Stay tuned to NUOVO’s platforms to learn more about the latest trends in the design world.


Where Pink Neon Light and Ripples Dazzle

There’s the general consensus that in order to translate a strong brand image, especially when it’s a chain of branches, that each store must be consistent in decor and design. However, Rudy Guénaire - who’s a former mathematician turned interior designer - was determined to break the rules, creating a completely different style for each of his PNY Burger restaurants. PNY PRESQU'ÎLE, located in Lyon, France, takes Ultrafragola’s wavy floor-to-ceiling mirror designed by Ettore Sottsass as the focal point, and unconventionally hangs the mirror on the wall. The wavy pattern and neon pink transcend to the design of the dining table, dining chairs and other lighting decor, allowing diners to enjoy an unparalleled atmosphere. Want to experience the psychedelic magic of the Poltronova Ultrafragola up close? Visit NUOVO’s Central Showroom to learn more and order your own.