New Possibilities

New Possibilities

Coinciding with the opening of NUOVO id's new showroom in Central, we will be unveiling our exclusive collaboration with refined Italian brand, Meridiani. Meridiani’s export area manager Cristian Lapolla will be in town to present Meridiani’s collections, showcasing how these truly timeless pieces merge seamlessly into any space, demonstrating Italian quiet luxury. We take this opportunity to invite you over on June 19th (Monday) from 2 to 5pm for the presentation of "Intensely Italian Quiet Luxury”. Following this will be NUOVO id’s grand opening cocktail from 5pm onwards, where we are excited to celebrate with all of you. Cheers to new opportunities!


Meridiani Presents Whispered Luxury

Meridiani has won worldwide recognition for its contemporary yet versatile collections. Founded in 1996 by Renalto Crosti, thanks to the passionate idea of Laura Ferraro Crosti and designer Andrea Parisio (who is still today the art director of the brand), these talents have created a fashion trend, indeed, interpreting the home as a dress to wear. Cementing a new lifestyle rooted in the classics of yesteryear, Meridiani launches collections that are 100% designed and made in Italy, pioneering an unparalleled style. With the brand’s first mono brand space having opened in Milan in 2000, Meridiani counts a widespread distribution with stores and retailers in more than 50 countries. In Hong Kong, it is now exclusively available at NUOVO, where they await your visit to their showroom to appreciate all the exquisite designs filled with timeless elegance. Also visit Meridiani’s official website for more info:


Radically Modern

Often in life, things that seem to be logical on the surface always contain extraordinary whimsy that is effortless. Superstudio, an avant garde architecture and design collective founded in 1966 in Florence, was founded by an Italian radical architectural group with extraordinary perspectives - their work consisted principally of photo-collages, films and exhibitions in which they used a radical Utopian approach to criticise the Modernist thinking in design and architecture. They created the poetic and functional Quaderna collection for Zanotta, where tables, coffee tables and console tables exude pure chic. Like a sheet of a school notebook: white laminate with squares, repeated without interruption to cover the entire structure in honey-comb core wood, the pieces compose a homogeneous and neutral landscape, but with great expressive power. Feel the forces of this cool collection at our NUOVO showroom today.