The Art of Living

The Art of Living

It’s a month to relish as art comes out in full force. At Nuovo, we celebrate art in our living environment with an exciting lineup of new brands and designers we can’t wait to get you acquainted with. From tactile and textured materials, surreal wallpapers and carpets to stunning light and mirrors, we’ve got you covered. See you at Art Central, Art Basel, or better yet, picking out your new favourite collection from our showroom.

The Ultrafragola is here!

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Lighting Matters

The power of lighting can intervene and shape a spiritual oasis that soothes impetuous emotions. Architect Joseph Dirand has evolved his stylistic vocabulary to depart from his radical interiors with taut lines and black and white visual effects to more softness, more fantasy and a dash of classicism, without losing graphical strength. OZONE’s Gélule wall sconce is such an example - made in brass and aluminium with a pale gold finish - it oozes an indirect, soothing light filled with warmth. This is the perfect piece for creating atmospheres and fits beautifully in distinctive hallways, staircases, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and powder rooms. Admire this at our Nuovo showroom and bring it home.

Lines for cc-tapis by Philippe Malouin

“As a designer, you need to make the right choices and produce things that are made to last. Longevity is more of a concern.”

Designer Phillippe Malouin


Material Wonder: Fornace Brioni’s Collections

From concave-convex relief surfaces to lively and vivid geometric shapes, designer Cristina Celestino has breathed new life into Fornace Brioni’s collections. This Italian company’s glazed tiles (cotto) are what she calls ‘extraordinary’. Celestino says, “They are handmade exclusively from clay and rainwater, simple elements that make this material totally natural and ecological, yet at the same time it has excellent technical properties. The irregularity is also part of its charm.” Taking inspiration from lush jungles, endless grasslands, silent lakes, and fascinating sculptures, the designer has extracted symbolic elements from nature, art and culture and injected these into the Giardino all'Italiana series. The designs evoke the intrigue of mysterious gardens in faraway lands, modern secret hideaways, bold sensations of tactile exploration and an endless exploration contrasting straight lines and arcs. Concludes Celestino, “The end result is totally innovative yet still reassuring, balanced between nostalgia and cutting-edge design trends.” Available at Nuovo’s showroom.

Atmospheric Awe with Calico Wallpaper

Bask in the beauty of calm, as you stay still and watch the clouds rise. Have you ever imagined watching the sky change hues and ultimately the atmosphere as you sit at home? Calico Wallpaper is a pioneer in their field, condensing smart brushstrokes, fleeting colours and reflective metal tones - in effect simulating the natural vision of sunlight penetrating through clouds and mist. A piece of the sky can literally be brought into our homes as an open canvas with Calico’s Atmosphere series. As you immerse in this sea of ​​psychedelic clouds, reminisce and savour our unforgettable memories.