In the Mood to Create

In the Mood to Create

Design is often presented in many different forms, and bridges the connection between people and space. Not only does design often fulfil your life expectations, but it adds much needed colour and vibrance to originally quiet atmospheres. NUOVO facilitates this by collecting exquisite masterpieces that subvert imagination and demonstrate the wisdom of its creators from around the world. Innovative brands, from Frigerio in Italy, Time & Style with footprints around Japan, the Netherlands and Italy, to designer Cristina Celestino’s dynamic style of combining rigidity with softness in her design, all embody their own niche that excite every tastemaker’s senses. Also don't miss our CEO Pak Man Lee’s sharing of NUOVO’s upcoming and future developments. Visit our new showroom in Central to experience all this in person: Shop G03, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central. See you there!

Creative Perspectives Beyond Imagination

“We design furnishings and objects for people. We create freely multifaceted, sensitive objects that settle into the memory of things and homes.”

Cristina Celestino, Architect and Designer


Reflecting the Cultural Value of Italian Craftsmanship

The history of Frigerio is an Italian tale, where passion, perseverance and enthusiasm have always been the peculiar hallmarks. Born as a small workshop specialized in upholstery production, Frigerio was founded in 1938 by Federico Frigerio in Mariano Comense, in the heart of Brianza, a unique district in the world for expertise and technical abilities. With the same allegiance of the founder, from generation to generation, the manufacturing origins of Frigerio develop when in the 60’s, Federico’s sons, Gianfranco and Angelo, start collaborating, in a renewed sign of continuity, by carrying on the family’s activity into a new industrial dimension. The Frigerio family’s passion together with a strong bond to the territory are, even today, the fundamental principles of an industry in continuous development. They collaborate with architects and designers from different backgrounds, including internationally renowned Umberto Asnago , Federica Biasi and Christophe Pillet. To this day, they are determined to keep tradition and innovation hand in hand, through a high-tech and fully automated factory, further enhancing the cultural value of Italian craftsmen, highlighting high-quality tailoring workmanship and decorative style. Discover some of their exciting designs at NUOVO’s Central showroom today: Shop G03, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Utilise New Thinking to Carry Forward Traditional Wisdom

“At NUOVO, we are committed to pioneering new trends, bringing forward new brands and experiences in the design scene. Our Central showroom will set the scene for many exciting exhibitions upcoming so please stay tuned to our social platforms.”


Pak Man Lee, CEO of NUOVO


Design For Life

Time & Style, a furniture brand of Prestige Japan Inc, designs and produces furniture, lighting, tableware, towels, and other tools of daily life. Based on the design concept of evolving traditional Japanese techniques for modern life, they pursue manufacturing products that can be used for a long time and that respect the touch of the materials they are made of. Time & Style’s factory is surrounded by the beautiful forests of Asahikawa, on the northernmost island of Hokkaido, where all the furniture manufacturing processes from log purchasing to lumbering, drying, woodcutting, wood assembly, polishing, and finishing is carried out. The use of machinery is kept to a minimum, and products are manufactured by hand by craftsmen as much as possible, taking time to finish without compromise. Head to the Central showroom of NUOVO to experience the ingenious designs of Time & Style: Shop G03, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central